We Are The Future / We Are Full Of Shit

“We Are The Future is a reflection on how the next generation will engage with brands.” LIKE FUCK IT IS. It’s a reflection of the views of a bunch of middle aged ad-people about some random technologies that none of them have any actual understanding of.

Komt allemaal erg bekend voor 🙂 Gelukkig wordt deze bs-ballon doorgeprikt door mensen die er wel verstand van hebben. Helaas kan je er wel mee weg komen.

The fact that the script is read by some children in a white studio, on film (all of which is very futuristic), doesn’t in any way mean that it is how the next generation will engage with brands. Go on PHD, admit it. You’ve made it all up. You got the intern to write down some buzzwords and you wrote a shit script off the back of them.

Het hele artikel met het bullshit filmpje hier


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